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Interview with President Kodama

Q1. What are the attractive and interesting points of the logistics business?

Looking back on the history of mankind, generally speaking, there have been three critical infrastructures necessary for its development: Communication, Energy resources, and Transportation.
These infrastructures have interacted and contributed to the development of mankind and transportation-or logistics in another word-is essential, like the air, for mankind.
So I want all of you feel and experience this "excitement" to contribute to the development of mankind.

Q2. What are the attractive and interesting points of VANTEC?

VANTEC is a company that has, for more than 60 years, supported and contributed to the development of the automotive industry, which is the largest manufacturing industry of consumer goods in the world.
Manufacturing automobiles is an advanced, complex and sophisticated industry, and VANTEC has developed its know-how, which shows strong competitiveness against other industries as well, by controlling tens of thousands of parts to be delivered to customers, minute by minute.
VANTEC is now targeting to become a front runner in the logistics industry by utilizing AI, IT and logistics automation technology.

Q3. What are the expectations for new hires?

Representative Director
Yukinobu Kodama

Yukinobu Kodama

VANTEC is going to change drastically by respecting diversity, globalization, transparency and cooperation.
In order to realize this, it is necessary to have talent that is always considering things at zero-base from the viewpoint of extraverted sensing, that challenges things without fear of making mistakes, and which listens to others as well as voicing its own opinions.
I expect you to work hard with these talented people and contribute to the growth of the company as well as your own self-growth.

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