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VANTEC is striving to become a trusted brand amongst our existing customer (OEM & Auto Parts Manufacturers) for various transportation requirements like Milkrun operations, JIT deliver solutions, Line haul, Synchro Delivery and Reverse Logistics. With the help of well trained team with advance management & monitoring system, we provide the best in the class process & cost effective quality solutions.

  • GPS tracking
  • Fix and improve window time (Gate In Gate Out)
  • Route Mapping
  • Customized vehicle placing
  • Vehicle utilization optimization
  • Real Time information through smart Phone based software and e-POD (under development)

Land transport

Point to line, line to surface

Large-scale mainline transportation by trailer, fine-grained route delivery by 1-2 ton trucks, VANTEC's wide transport network and the latest in management systems can support the development of your business. To achieve low-cost transportation, we provide optimized truck services with high-density loading ratios and increased working ratios of trucks. In addition, we offer a wide range of options to meet your demands such as milk-run services, widespread consolidated loading services, and mainline delivery/transit delivery using our distribution center.

Freight Forwarding

Connecting the world

As VANTEC Hitachi Forwarding Group, we have network offices in major locations across world (India, Asia, Europe, America, Africa & Australia). Our highly professional and well trained team serves our customer and strive to provide the optimal solutions for their Freight Forwarding requirements

We offer service of

  • Ocean Freight
  • FCL
  • LCL
  • Air Freight

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