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Terms of Use

This Website is operated by VANTEC CORPORATION or one of its group companies (collectively "VTC"), or by its agent. By using this Website, it is assumed that you agree to the following conditions of use. Please note that these conditions are subject to change. Checking the latest condition is highly recommended.

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The copyright to all contents on this Website (documents, diagrams, images and photos) belongs to VTC. Unless specifically prohibited, you may print out paper copies of the contents on this Website only for non-commercial and internal viewing. With the exception of the above, VTC reserves all right to this property, based on its copyright, patent right, trademarks and other intellectual property right. Note, however, that if separate conditions of use are listed for individual content, or links made to such content, those conditions of use have priority.
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Documents and their contents

VTC makes no warranties whatsoever as to the documents on this Website or their contents. VTC has made all reasonable efforts to provide accurate information on this Website, however VTC bears no liability for any errors or omissions that may be contained therein. Also note that the documents on this Website are subject to change without notice.

Eligible countries for products and service

We are not able to provide the services shown on this website (including the websites of Group companies) in all countries and regions. To learn more about a service shown on this website, please contact a Company representative responsible for the service in question.

Update of information and their contents

Any information posted on this Website is current as of the time of posting. Note that information may change after it has been posted on the Website.

Links to this Website

You are free to post a link to this Website on your website, but only to the top page. Please comply with the following precautions when doing so.
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Precautions about links

  1. Please stipulate our Company name.
  2. You are kindly requested not to use our Logos.
  3. Please ensure that this Website opens in a separate window and please make it clear that the Website is of VTC.
  4. Linking to this Website is not permitted if any of the following is the case.
    1. If the website linking to this Website violates the right of the Company and the third party.
    2. If the website linking to this Website leads to misunderstanding, misconception and inconvenience.
    3. If the website linking to this Website is deleterious to public order and morals.
    4. If the website linking to this Website contains illegal or potentially illegal expressions and contents regarding illegal or potentially illegal activities.
    5. If the link is judged by the Company to be inappropriate for any other reason.

VTC may request deletion of the link if the aforementioned precautions mentioned are not complied. In such cases, the link must be removed immediately.

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