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Company Profile

Message from Top management

As part of a joint venture activity, VANTEC Europe started providing Logistics and Warehousing services to its main automotive client in 1990.
Since then, VANTEC Europe has grown organically and developed its range of services to become a preferred 3PL provider and now also provides its services to a second automotive client.
Additionally, VANTEC Europe has over the past 10 years developed significant partnerships with its other customers such as; Komatsu UK and Thorn Lighting, supplying these global organizations with on-site 3PL activities and various other SCM (Supply Chain Management) services.
In 2007, VANTEC Europe became a wholly owned subsidiary of VANTEC Corporation and following a buy-out by LOGISTEED Group in 2012, VANTEC Europe became part of one of the largest global Third Party Logistics providers.

Company overview

Head Office 3 Infiniti Drive Hillthorn Business Park, Washington, Tyne And Wear, NE37 3HG, The United Kingdom
TEL/FAX TEL: +44-191-416-1133
Managing Director Martin Kendall
Established April, 1990
Services Automotive logistics services, Transport, Packing, Warehousing etc.
bsi. ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

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