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We approach warehouse design as a science which needs an in-depth knowledge of the entire supply chain to implement successfully.
Designing and running an efficient warehouse is no simple task.
Our methodical approach means that we can develop the most efficient warehouses possible, to run fast, effective operations and to get product where it is needed, when it is needed, and how it is needed.
We can receive, store and deliver products on a Just In Time (JIT) delivery basis from any of our warehouses. Our systems allow for full customisation, tracking and traceability to maintain complete inventory accuracy. We can also facilitate Customer Managed Inventory and Vendor Managed Inventory.
We have achieved and uphold very high Health and Safety standards at all of our sites. This is maintained by regular training and audits conducted on every aspect of our warehousing activities.

Third Party Logistics

Choosing VANTEC means creating a partnership with us. When it comes to Third Party logistics, we provide a comprehensive list of services. To have VANTEC running your warehousing and associated services from your site ensures minimum disruption to you and your management teams freed up to allow you to concentrate on your core business activity.
We can optimise your current warehouse operations, Warehouse Management System, and processes. We can develop new operations to assist and improve production efficiency.

Transfer Center

Transfer Center

A transfer center, which is also called a "build-in customer warehouse," is the key to supporting seamless production in large businesses. VANTEC provides flexible logistic services by adding value to the transfer center to meet delivery requirements for various customer needs such as synchronized delivery, cross-dock operation, JIT delivery, palletizing, and other delivery methods.

Distribution Center

Distribution Center

VANTEC operates global distribution centers for various industries.
Receiving customers' products and making deliveries to the end-user are not the only services we provide. As a value-added service, packing/repacking conversion, quantity inspection before delivery, and semi-assembly services are available at warehouses. Introducing IT-based management and automated equipment such as automotive-guided vehicles (AGVs), moving racks, hands-free scanners, and an AI warehouse layout are just some of the high-value options we offer.

Export Center

One-stop service for export goods

VANTEC export center provides a one-stop service for customers.
A seamless service for all export operations such as freight booking, export packaging, documentation preparing, customs clearance management, shipping arrangement, and low-cost packaging design suits for air/sea transportation that meet the requirements of different countries.
We operate export centers globally.

Import Center

One-stop service for import goods

VANTEC import center provides a one-stop service for our customers.
A seamless service for all import operations such as import customs clearance, devanning (unloading), storage in a variety of packages, and delivery to the end-user. Taking advantage of the collective strength of the group, we ensure the customer's goods will always be in safe hands until they reach the final destination. A combination of added-value services such as quality inspection and packing conversion after import customs clearance, are options we can provide at an import center.

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