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Information Technology・Logistics Engineering

Science of logistics

VANTEC will develop and provides you the optimal solution services that combine IT (Information technology) and LE (Logistics engineering) based on a multitude of experience and knowhow.
And respond your all needs by maximize IT system performance that absolutely essential for manage operation efficiently with professional operator in logistics center.

Information Technology

VANTEC IT Solutions

VANTEC implements best solutions globally that combine logistics and IT based on our wealth of experience.
We provide valuable services to customers by taking a proactive approach to new technology and upgrading functions frequently.
If you have any issues or problems, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Range of VANTEC IT Solutions

Warehouse Management System.
WMS manages operations (Inbound・Outbound and Stocktaking) in warehouses
Transport Management System.
TMS manages transport operation (Order entry・Truck allocation・Billing・Payment)


We provide high-quality IT solutions that exceed customers' expectations.

Logistics Engineering

We respond to fluctuations in cargo volume, changes in transportation conditions and increases in needs surrounding logistics in a highly flexible manner.
In addition, we propose optimal solutions by comprehensive information processing, numerical analysis and simulations based on our slogan: The Science of Logistics.

Layout planning

We design the best method of storage, frontage setting, and shortest cargo flow in a warehouse based on the characteristics of each product.
By doing so, we create the optimum layout to respond to your needs by maximizing usage of warehouse space and realize safe operations.

Genba Kanri (Shop-floor management)

Genba kanri is an original and systematic method for managing a logistics center in order to attain the SQDC (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost) objective by maximizing 4M (Manpower, Machine, Material, Method) performance.
We have applied this method, which we developed in our country, in the global arena by ensuring all people work to a common standard based on supervision.

Packaging Engineering

We can protect your precious products from damage and propose high-density and high-quality packaging that meets your safety needs and guarantees efficient transportation.
We can also suggest packaging solutions rapidly by using 3D CAD.

LCA: Low-Cost Automation

Karakuri is an innovative method of creating optimal, automatic and inexpensive cargo flow in a warehouse.
This method makes it unnecessary to use actuators to drive objects in some situations, by utilizing gravity or other existing power sources.
Karakuri will reduce your distribution costs by utilizing low-cost automation.

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