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Value Added Service

Additional Services

At VANTEC we have developed a range of innovative ways to add value services for our clients. We can provide:

  • Returnable Packaging operations
  • Perform Kitting and Sequencing
  • Decant operations
  • Quality Control Inspections
  • Rework operations

These can be performed on a regular or ad hoc basis providing full documentation and traceability throughout.

Bespoke Solutions

We can also provide a range of services to develop and increase efficiencies within our clients' processes and operations.

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) Design and Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Optimised Warehouse Layouts
  • System Support
  • Consultancy
  • Supply Chain Development
  • Strategic Warehouse Capacity Planning
  • Network Analysis
  • Mode and Load Optimisation
  • Vendor Compliance
  • Advise on implementing proven industry Best Practices

We can also offer clients the ability to integrate Logistics with our Freight Forwarding services to provide a complete Supply Chain Solution.

Packaging design

Package design for your cargo

Based on more than half a century of experience, VANTEC designs the best packing materials corresponding to a variety of shapes and strength requirements by using the latest technologies such as CAD design, 3D scanners, structural drawing software, and drop tests. In addition to cost reductions, we can propose low-cost packaging design, size optimization, and an improvement of the container filling rate.

Product Inspection

Maintaining the quality of your product

Quality inspection at your site or our warehouse is an option we offer to reduce your costs and save you time. VANTEC provides inspection staff to check the quality of your products in accordance with your requirement.

Sub Assembly

Supporting improvement of your productivity

Outsourcing your non-core businesses such as sub-assembly operations can contribute to the simplification of your line-work processes and is an effective option in terms of space utilization to improve your productivity.

In-plant Logistics

Smart logistics for your plant

Based on our professional logistics knowledge, VANTEC can provide the best solution for you in plant logistics operations. In accordance with your production plan, we can manage JIT delivery to the in front of production line, which reduces the need for storage space of your plant and increases the efficiency of productivity. Collecting empty pallets and packages also helps you to optimize the space of your plant.

Returnable Pallet Management

Logistics for people and the environment

As part of our corporate responsibility, VANTEC believes in "friendly logistics to people and the environment." We offer a returnable pallet/container management service in which we collect containers and pallets at the delivery point then return them to your site in a cleaned/newly repaired condition.

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