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Hybrid logistics

For increasing efficiency of whole logistics field, all process in warehouse operation, transportation, and IT system must be correctively merged and synchronized. VANTEC provides consistent logistics service with the combination of warehouse and transport operation, by using own IT system to manage the cargo from receiving to delivery to the final destination in worldwide.

JIT Delivery

Just in time for your convenience

Taking what you need when you need it, this is the concept of JIT (just in time) methodology initially invented by a Japanese car manufacture. From the beginning of our company's establishment, VANTEC has been working for automotive inductor along with this methodology. To minimize the logistics cost and inventory cost of your company, we provide various delivery method including multi-frequency delivery and production order delivery linked with the production plan.


More efficiently, more quickly

Once we receive the product at warehouse, we promptly sort it out per each destinations and load onto truck without any temporary storage. Reduction of lead time and improvement of truck loading ratio, can minimize the inventory cost for your business.

Synchronized Delivery

For the "ultimate manufacturing"

Synchronized delivery is one of the most complex delivery scheme in automotive parts logistics field. Synchronized delivery is defined as a delivery with the shortest lead time which is about 2-3 hours due delivery from the order. During a short lead time, it is required to organize the sequence loading in accordance with the production plan of the customer. VANTEC is proud of our experience providing synchronized delivery service over many years.

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