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Message from the President

Over than half-century, VANTEC is developing as an integrated logistics service provider, and succeed to be one of the top logistics solution provider in the automotive parts logistics field today. And we will continuously grow our global business by making synergy as a core company of Hitachi Transport System group.
Based on "The science of logistics", we keep creating added value to go beyond customer's expectation utilizing advanced technology.

Representative Director
Yukinobu Kodama

Yukinobu Kodama

Directors and Executive Officers

As of june 27, 2018

Name Position in charge of
Yukinobu Kodama Representative Director, President  
Masaaki Nishizawa Director,Executive Vice-President Business Management Headquarters
Seiki Sato Director  
Yoshiharu Kanda Auditor  
Ichiro Iino Auditor  
Kenichi Oosaki Managing Executive Officer Competitiveness Development Headquarters
Kazuya Fukumoto Managing Executive Officer Division Director, Business Development Division
Hiroshi Nakamura Managing Executive Officer Division Director, Planning & Control Division
Shuhei Namba Executive Officer Division Director, S.Q.C.Promotion Division
Shuji Ueno Executive Officer Vantec Hitachi Transport System(USA). Inc Exective Vice President
Nobuyuki Arai Executive Officer Deputy Division Director, Planning & Control Division
General Manager, HR Management Promotion Department
Kazuhiro Konba Executive Officer Division Director, Innovation Strategy Division
Hirotaka Takada Executive Officer Division Director, Business Control Division

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