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As a member of Hitachi Transport System group we work diligently towards conserving local environments and contributing to society under the slogans: "Logistics that are friendly to people and the environment" and "Promotion of environmental management"

Promotion of environmental management

As a logistic provider, we work on the following measures:

  1. Making the shift to eco-friendly vehicles.
  2. Actively promoting savings in natural resources and conserving energy by rationalizing and streamlining operations so as to enable effective utilization of resources.
  3. Promoting emission reductions and recycling.
  4. Preventing pollution.
  5. Respecting environmental laws and regulations, as well as respecting agreements with local residents and institutions.
  6. Opening and maintaining communications with local residents and cooperating in environmental-protection activities.

To achieve these environmental policies, we set environmental objectives and targets, and promote environmental management.

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