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VANTEC Group companies give top priority to safety and quality

Within group companies, top management sends out messages urging employees to think about safety and quality regularly. We consider conducting activities in safety to be the most important issue. We promote quality improvement activities with the aim of realizing zero injuries and industrial accidents inside and outside of Japan.

Global safety system

We strive to improve our safety level by globalization, and we have divided our territory into three areas: America, Asia and Europe. We aim to improve the standard of safety by sharing the activities of each region.

  • Actions of the region system
    • Promotion of safety management in each region
    • Creation of an annual action plan
    • Sharing the best rules and standards among regions
    • Acting for continuous improvement by introducing a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.
Specific examples are:
  • Actions of the region system Reinforcement for better management service in China
  • Reinforcement for a safety management system in Mexico
  • Safe instruction up the establishment of a business in the United States
Regional Safety Leader of Europe

In Europe Region and India, we are looking to work together in pursuit of improving our standards of health and safety. I see health and safety as "an integral part of our everyday work", and see the health and safety role as being critical in embedding health and safety into everyone's daily routine. As the Health and Safety leader for Europe, My role is predominantly to lead with this, and clearly demonstrate effective Health and Safety "Visible Leadership".
We have the skills, we have the commitment, now we now need all managers, supervisors and employees, to demonstrate their participation, to that commitment. I look forward to the challenges ahead, and also working closely with everyone in establishing a more robust safety culture within our VANTEC operations.

Action Examples

  • Decide upon safety standards and maintain them
    • Maintain safety rules and reflect them in standard operating procedures
    • Develop the content of standard operating procedures in the workplace and have employees confirm their content by observing them at work
    • Periodical enforcement by management in order to appraise the situation and compare results
  • To improve basic skills for the prevention of accidents
    • Carry out the basic skill test for workers
    • Carry out daily training
    • Train based on accident examples
  • To improve safety awareness by working on enlightenment
    • Enforce risk assessment activities
    • Carry out safety drills in the company including lifesaving and first aid course and fire drills
    • Hold a driving tournament in each company

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