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Safety, accuracy and speed

By leveraging the global network of our group, VANTEC provides worldwide transportation services by land, sea, and air, and multimodal transport with the priority on safety, accuracy and speed. As an international transport provider, we ensure your valuable goods will always stay safe until they reach the final destination.
For further improvement of our service quality, we have established global company standards for safety and quality.

Land transport

Point to line, line to surface

Large-scale mainline transportation by trailer, fine-grained route delivery by 2-4 ton trucks, VANTEC's wide transport network and the latest in management systems can support the development of your business. To achieve low-cost transportation, we provide optimized truck services with high-density loading ratios and increased working ratios of trucks. In addition, we offer a wide range of options to meet your demands such as milk-run services, widespread consolidated loading services, and mainline delivery/transit delivery using our distribution center.

Sea Freight

Small cargo, big cargo

From small cargoes such as LCL (less than container loads) to large cargoes such as plant equipment, VANTEC manages all types of ocean container transportation including a dry container LCL/FCL transport service and specialized container delivery. Also, we offer the best door-to-door service using conventional vessels.

Air Freight

Connecting the world

VANTEC provides a wide range of air transport services utilizing the global network of the Hitachi Transport System Group. We provide solutions that include services for everything from small packets through to large-industry heavy products. Our ULD intact service is based on our extensive experience in charter transport that results in a reduction in cost and an increase in for project cargo, from packaging to transport, installation, loading and unloading. We can deliver your cargo anywhere in the world.

Custom Clearance

Leave it to the professionals

Acting on behalf of your company, our professional staff can handle all the procedures of custom clearance including preparing troublesome custom applications and declarations at custom offices. As a custom broker, we comply with the custom guidelines of each country, and respond quickly to cargo for which a high degree of judgment on export control is required.
Our group network currently covers more than 100 countries, achieved using subsidiaries of the Hitachi Transport System Group, including VANTEC, in 30 countries and through collaboration with alliance agencies around the world.

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