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Our Logistic Services

An expert in automotive parts logistics

VANTEC was established in Yokohama, Japan, in 1956. Since then-for more than half a century-we have been a leading company in automobile parts logistics among Japanese automotive giants, who are major players in the world. Automotive parts logistics is one of our core businesses, and it contains several areas of expertise that are unique to us, and that have been gained from our long experience in the field.
Most automotive companies are accelerating their globalization and driving customer-based production to reflect market needs. As a global logistics service provider, VANTEC is also rapidly expanding its overseas operations. By standardizing our specific logistic knowledge based on our wealth of experience, we provide customer-oriented service throughout the world.

Connecting manufacturers, wholesalers and consumers

By leveraging our remarkable knowledge accumulated in automotive parts logistics, which is renowned as sophisticated just-in-time (JIT) logistic management, we provide high-quality supply chain management (SCM) services that integrate manufacturers and wholesalers, retails and consumers.
We have designed solutions to match the needs of fast-moving consumer goods and beverage industries to build a logistic network for goods that are indispensable to our daily life.

Value Added Service
Information Technologyï½¥Logistics Engineering

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