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Sales Department Tomokazu Iemori (JPN)

Introduction Of Staff


Tomokazu Iemori

Job description:

"Total support of logistics solutions for customers"

In my department, we handle sales activities by making proposals that meet our customer's needs, which vary customer by customer, based on our detailed analysis of their current logistics operation.
Examples of customer's problems (needs):

  • Failure of on-time delivery due to delay in production in factory
  • High cost of existing delivery route
  • No space storage

Our job is to provide full support in terms of best-suited logistics solutions for customers who have various needs. This is done in a number of stages, starting with listening to a customer's needs and ending with making proposals. Our goal is to get appreciation from customer like "Excellent job exceeding expectation as usual."

Favorite thing about VANTEC:

"Environment to respect a person's opinion"

I believe that working in a logistic company requires flexible thought because there is no stereotypical solution for customers, who all have different needs.
A unique and interesting point of our job that we always put a lot of thought into figuring out the best solution to satisfy a customer as well as generate profit.
For the continuous improvement of our quality of service, it is necessary to have the power to implement actions that are generated through discussions, by putting our heads together, by exchanging opinions, and to establish good relationships by respecting another person's opinions.
This is our advantage and my favorite thing about VANTEC.

A Day's Schedule

9:00 Start work:
Check e-mails and today's working schedule
10:00 Desk work:
Investigate/analyze a customer's needs and create a proposal for the customer
12:00 Lunch Break
13:00 Visit customer for a meeting:
Make a presentation to the customer regarding the proposed logistics solution
15:00 Internal meeting:
Share customer feedback with team members and revise proposal
18:00 Finish working:
Check schedule for tomorrow

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