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Branch Office Department Yurika Kawata (JPN)

Introduction Of Staff


Yurika Kawata

Job description:

"Controlling packaging materials"

In my department, we control the packaging materials used for warehouse work by ordering and managing the process through to delivery and handling any quality issues.
I usually walk around the warehouse to confirm the status of all materials and see that there are no defects that would affect the quality of our warehouse operations.
There have been no cases before of a female employee doing this job because it is necessary to frequently be in the warehouse and to direct countermeasures against trouble.
Although I cannot carry heavy materials, I can transport them using a dolly, and it is possible to detect and deal with troubles smoothly by frequently walking around the warehouse and greeting workers cheerfully.
I would like to work hard to expand the coverage of my job, and hopefully this will lead to expanding jobs considered workable from the viewpoint of women.

To everyone who visits our website:

"A workplace where women shine!"

The VANTEC Group has just established the Board of Diversity to further improve our working environment.
This is the one of the positive actions we have taken to utilize women's values and ideas in our business, and we aim to further increase the percentage of women in managerial positions in our company.
I was invited to join and I am participating in this board, and I have high expectations that it will work as planned.
It is difficult to feel happiness in work if we don't understand the essential nature of work. This means that you can feel happiness if you understand why we are doing what we are doing or why we need to do this job.
Let's work together aggressively by understanding the essentials of our job with a sense of mission to grow ourselves with our jobs.

A Day's Schedule

8:30 Start work:
Check e-mails and create orders for daily warehouse supplies
10:30 On-site working:
Confirm deliveries of supplies and handle abnormal situations, if any
12:30 Lunch Break:
Take a nap after lunch for vigorous afternoon work
14:30 Desk work:
Data analysis by summarizing records of orders and making invoices
16:30 On-site working:
Summarizing delivery records and on-site check for 5S (Seiri/Sort, Seiton/Set in order, Seiso/Clean, Seiketsu/Standardize, and Shitsuke/Discipline)
18:30 Finish work:
Create memos of handovers for night-shift workers and check schedule for tomorrow

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