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Sales Department Patrick Van Buyten (NLD)

Introduction Of Staff

VANTEC World Transport (Netherlands)B.V.

Patrick Van Buyten

Job description:

I have been fortunate in having the opportunity to continuously work at one company for more than 17 years. Since I joined VANTEC in 1999 starting at the export air freight department, then had later the opportunity to move to the sales department and controlling export air freight, I could learn the intricacies of operations, especially export and sales. Currently I do work as a senior manager of the department to manage the coworkers, daily progress of the operation, and sales promotion to the potential clients which have logistics problem for their products. To support them, we analyze the current route of transportation then provide the best route for minimizing the lead-time and costs.

Favorite thing about VANTEC:

Amsterdam is one of the main gate of Europe, and many goods to be delivered here and dispatched to Europe and other world. Working at VANTEC has given me the opportunity to experience so much that has contributed in my professional and personal development. It is a great experience to work with an international team and to get to know the different cultures. I'm delighted to say to work in a very supportive team and successful company.

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