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Customers Support Department Chen Sushan (CHN)

Introduction Of Staff


Chen Sushan

Job description:

To make our customer satisfied

I have been working at Customer Support department (CS dept.) for over 2 years now. To make our customer satisfied, we do focusing on the security control, GK management, and education of the operators at the warehouse. For the corporate success as a 3PL provider, these management tools are the key to improve our operation correctively, therefore using PDCA cycle management, I check every daily operation to be improved and progressed. In addition to propel our activities, we also plan several education courses for operators at inside and outside of VANTEC group.

Good thing about working at VANTEC:

Develop yourself with the growth of the company

This was my first experience working at the company since my graduation in 2006. It's been over 10 years now and I am proud of myself to be a part of the member of VANTEC China from very beginning of its establishment. Experience which I had during this decade would be the treasure for my career, and I now became a manager (director?) along with the growth of the company.
VANTEC gives you a chance if you make an effort to achieve your goal. I believe that working at a company is like a stage for everyone to express your talent and ability. I thank VANTEC and all the member of the group to give me such a great opportunity working together.

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